School tour at Alterwitz's Mid-Career Retrospective, The Studio at Sahara West, Las Vegas, NV, 2015

Visual artist Linda Alterwitz investigates the boundaries that exist between art and science using the medium of photography. She oftentimes incorporates scientific images within her photographs that are derived from cutting-edge technology. Inspired by experimentation with diverse materials and processes, Alterwitz uses both traditional and new media techniques in her creative process. Guided and propelled by current medical technology, she repurposes imaging derived from X-rays, CT, PET, sonogram, or MRI diagnostic testing.  Alterwitz embodies the human experience, focusing on emotions incarnate of both wellness and disease. Through these investigations of art and science, Alterwitz hopes that this work kindles curiosity - one that lives within the boundaries of experience, thought, and aesthetics.

Alterwitz has exhibited her work in both traditional exhibition and site-specific installations in the United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Spain, Israel and Poland. She lives and works in Las Vegas, Nevada.