"Fortunes of the Moon" from the series Matters of the Brain/Matters of the Heart (project Once Ocean) UNLV, 2016

Once Ocean  |  Linda Alterwitz

Within the project Once Ocean, there exists two separate themes- art and science. The subject matter from both disciplines is the result of detailed investigations of life, of how the world works. Although the proposed results differ (the hypothesis of the scientist verses the personal experience of the artist), art and science together help to connect us as human beings.

Integrated within each photograph are patterns derived from medical diagnostic testing and photographs of the natural world. In each of the photographs, I blend the raw beauty of the natural environment with information derived from cutting edge medical tests such as EEG (electroencephalogram), EKG (electrocardiogram), and functional MRI.

I constantly question technology’s effect upon the individual as well as the complicated relationship that humans have with nature. Once Ocean offers a remembrance and reassurance that our human rhythms are inextricably bonded with the energy of our landscape. As day turns to night, and an era becomes an eon, the earth remains constant and cyclical. While all of this was once ocean and at some point will all be flooded again, eventually we will all return to nature.