Through photography, I embrace science and technology to expose the fragility and fascination of our bodies. Inspired by an MRI of my own brain, I began to see beauty in medical images; the cold and sterile facts of the film became transformed to aesthetic tonalities of light and color. This past experience launched my interest in working with medical imagery and thermography, which evolved into a universal examination of the boundaries that exist between art and science. Comparing what is seen through our unaided eyes versus what is revealed using instruments of high technology never fails to fascinate me and provide new ideas for future imagery.Living beings are often the main subject in my photographs because of the connections to our human psyche. In addition, the natural world is a subject that I often use in my work. My relationship to nature represents to me not only a place of peace and sanctuary, but also it serves to counterbalance my obsession with scientific objectivism.Through Art + Science, I hope to create an experience that summons the unexpected, and expands the limits of possibilities.