Visual artist Linda Alterwitz investigates the boundaries between art and science. She incorporates scientific images within her photographs that are derived from cutting edge technology. By combining creative and scientific elements within each frame, she explores visual perception to provoke a feeling of curiosity and wonderment.

Inspired by experimentation with diverse materials and processes, Alterwitz incorporates both traditional and new media techniques. Guided by current technology, her creative process often incorporates images derived from X-rays, CT, PET, sonogram, or MRI diagnostic imaging, informational grids sourced from the results of medical or thermal imaging tests.

In her most recent project entitled Thermal, Alterwitz creates photographs using the highest thermal technology available today.

Typically the visual recording process of thermography is used for surveillance, medical detection and building construction, aiding our eyes to reveal what is invisible within our normal range of vision. In this project, intrigued by the visual fascination of thermal beings, Alterwitz explores the heat that bodies create.

By focusing the camera on athletes, specifically performers from the beginning to the end of a performance, a thermal transformation is revealed through the camera. Using still thermal photographs as well as video produced with a thermal camera, Alterwitz creates an experience that summons the unexpected, and expands the limits of possibilities.