- Part 1


- Part 2


- Part 3

My project While I Am Still consists is a suite in three parts: In-Sight (Part 1), In-Sight (Part 2), and In-Sight (Part 3). Within this work, I choose elements that originate as medical imagery, given to me by friends and family members and as private donations to use for this project. The images were selected for both their visual and scientific value (including P.E.T. scans, M.R.I.’s, radiographs, and sonograms) which I then revisit with alternate imaging cameras. Combined with my personal experience and technical explorations, the resulting works reveal information attained from our bodies that is not visible without the aid of cutting edge technology.

Experiencing medical testing on my own body always led my mind to a dream state: while my physical body was engaged and still, my mind traveled. It is from this place the project While I Am Still originates.