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Linda Alterwitz

Linda Alterwitz in her Las Vegas studio


Linda Alterwitz is an interdisciplinary artist with diverse interests in the fields of medical research and the natural environment. Her work encourages an awakening of the senses toward a subtle shift of consciousness, offering people a connection with the unseen.

Through her investigations of art and science, she combines both creative and scientific elements within each frame, provoking a feeling of curiosity and wonderment. As part of her investigations that focus on the boundaries between art and science, she often incorporates scientific images within her photographs (derived from cutting edge technology) with photographs of the landscape.

Inspired by experimentation with diverse materials and processes, Alterwitz incorporates both traditional and new media techniques. Guided by current technology, her creative process often incorporates data driven images derived from X-rays, CT, PET, sonogram, fMRI diagnostic imaging or thermal imagining. Her work is also guided by the internal rhythms of our bodies, such as patterns of breath. By documenting the inhalation and exhalation of breath, she materializes an intangible human experience.

Alterwitz was the recipient of the Nevada Arts Council Visual Artist Fellowship. Her work has been published in Smithsonian Magazine, Orion Magazine, The New Statesman, among others.

She has exhibited her work in both traditional exhibition and site-specific installations in the United States, England, Wales, Japan, China, Spain, Israel, Poland and Greece.

Alterwitz lives and works in Las Vegas, Nevada.


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Linda Alterwitz contributes to the Las Vegas community and other communities throughout the United States as a writer, juror, curator and educator. In 2015, she initiated the Art + Science project for Lenscratch Magazine and is currently the contributing writer for the Art + Science section.   Her educational programming includes workshops with universities hospitals, and students of all ages and speaking and presentation engagements.  In 2018 she will be a presenter at the Mayo Clinic Humanities in Medicine annual symposium.

Alterwitz actively partipates in collaborations with communities, medical schools, universities, hospitals and public schools to help educate and engage people to extend the boundaries of experience, thought, and aesthetics.

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