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November 2018 Presentation by Linda Alterwitz at MAYO CLINIC Humanities in Medicine Symposium, “SUPERPOWERS: The Healing Powers of Thermography”

In November, 2018, I presented my series SUPERPOWERS: The Healing Powers of Thermography at Mayo Clinic’s Medicine in Humanities Symposium. In this project, pediatric patients participated in a thermal photography session for 20 minutes. After their play session, I took high resolution thermal portraits of each child. Thank you to Project Imagine for helping this project come to fruition!

Alterwitz at the hospital with a pediatric patient while the child captures thermal photographs in her hospital room.

Pediatric patients participated in a thermal photography session for 20 minutes learning all about art and science, the transfer of heat and all the crazy things a thermal camera reveals that the naked eye just can’t see. After their photography session, I took a high resolution thermal portrait of each child.

Artwalk at Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville, FL

I am introducing my project SUPERPOWERS: The Healing Powers of Thermography during the Artwalk at Mayo Clinic’s Humanities in Medicine Symposium, Jacksonville, FL, 2018.








Thermal photographs by kids

Thermal photographs taken by pediatric patients

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