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Envisioning the Veil (2017- )

Envisioning the Veil is a trilogy begun in 2017 that explores disturbances and discordance in human relationships and how people relate to the natural environment.

The project consists of three distinct series: Lost Ground and Home (both completed) and Self, Without Interpretation, the final series (in progress).

Envisioning the Veil combines images of the natural world with visualizations of medical diagnostic data and materials and tools associated with wounds and healing. These are used to reference the human emotional responses of pain, loss and vulnerability; the damage and degradation of our planet; and the urgency with which we need to intervene to ensure our common survival.

My intent in the first two series, Lost Ground and Home, has been to explore and stimulate a dialogue regarding human thoughts, behaviors and decisions and the consequences they can have on both our intimate human relationships and our relationship with the environment around us. The concluding series, Self, Without Interpretation, will manifest the potential for intervention, restoration and renewal.

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