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Once Ocean (2015- )

Artist LINDA ALTERWITZ’s project ONCE OCEAN examines both the inner workings of our bodies and its interconnections to the rhythms of our natural world.

To create this interdisciplinary artwork, data-driven signatures of our brains and hearts in the form of clinical diagnostic tests (MRI, EEG and EKG) are woven within memory, creating a unique visual language that offers a remembrance that our human rhythms are inextricably bonded with the energy of our environment.

The final objects presented to the public are portrayed as a unified world infused with subjectivity yet governed by science.

ONCE OCEAN evokes an introspective journey, one that intertwines subjective beauty with objective knowledge, bearing witness to a complicated and challenging relationship that exists between man and the environment.

These images are captured with a digital camera. Each image is printed as an archival pigment print and signed by the artist en verso. 
Limited edition of 5 (+2 artist proofs).

In addition to photographs on paper, many of these images are fabricated as series of computerized jacquard loom woven cotton tapestries
Limited edition of 3 (+1 artist proof)

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