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Conversations With the Sun (2021- )

In my ongoing project Conversations with the Sun, I capture photographs of the landscape in the western United States using thermal technology.

Science has long impacted my physical being, mindset and artistic practice. For fifteen years, I have been making photographs that reflect my longtime interest in visualizing living beings and the natural world with the aid of cutting-edge medical and surveillance technology. In 2013, I began photographing using a high-resolution thermal camera as a means of envisioning the connections between science, technology, our environment and contemporary culture.

Conversations with the Sun furthers these investigations, including the current environmental challenges facing the earth.  By photographing the arid lands within the western United States through a thermal lens, I have been discovering a visual language that speaks to me of the care needed to sustain our planet.

The thermal camera detects radiation in the long-infrared range of the electromagnetic spectrum, produces images of that radiation, and records the specific temperature of each area within the photograph. Yet, by placing this camera in the hands of an artist, science and technology transform the familiar into the unfamiliar. As I stand witness behind this lens, the sun speaks to the earth and its inhabitants, its moon, and its atmosphere. Within a surreal setting, a new conversation begins revealing a deeper awareness of our world.

Through this project I have come to realize that my personal examination of physical and life sciences, when presented with artistic interpretation, has the potential to provide a path for understanding the critical change that our planet is experiencing.  It is my hope that this work will contribute to a threshold of awareness of the intended and unintended consequences of human activity on this planet.

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