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Envisioning the Veil (2017-2019)

Envisioning the Veil investigates the human toll on the environment. I photographed landscapes that reveal places in the natural environment that have offered me a sense of personal sanctuary, but also exist as places of conflict. I also utilized data output from electroencephalogram (EEG) testing of human brains in distress. This data represents a visual metaphor for human thoughts and emotions. Using medical suture thread, I sew EEG data that I have printed on medical gauze onto photographs of natural landscapes. The physical degradation is not apparent in these photographs, reflecting the hidden features that often underlie foreboding conditions.

Imposing the veils onto the landscapes references how we rely on our natural environment for sustenance and refuge, while paradoxically engaging in decisions and behaviors that are causing climate change, air and water pollution, and depletion of essential resources that, in the end, will destroy us.

The final prints in this series are produced on paper that is 31” x 31”. The edition for each image is limited to 3 + 1 AP (variant) for a total edition of 4.

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