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Envisioning the Veil (2017-2019)

As an artist, I have been drawn to invisible threads that reside at the intersection of art and science.  I explore the unseen rhythms of the human body and our relationship to the natural world. For me, internal rhythms reflect both individual and collective minds. I transform scientific data into a poetic iteration of motion and time.  From the rise and fall of one’s chest during the act of breathing to the electrical waves of the brain, these cyclical patterns remain a constant source of inspiration to me.

In the series Envisioning the Veil, I utilize data output from electroencephalogram testing (EEG) used to analyze electrical activity of the human brain in distress. To me, this data represents a visual metaphor for abnormal human thoughts and emotions. Using medical suture thread, I sew EEG data that I have printed on medical gauze directly onto photographs I have taken, giving reference to endangered natural landscapes and threatened homes. The physical degradation of the natural and domestic settings is not apparent, reflecting the hidden features that often underlie foreboding conditions.

I think about my own place of personal sanctuary, my home in the Mojave desert—a beguiling environment capable of great beauty and inflicting great harm.  I remind myself to tread lightly upon this desert floor and honor the delicate layers of connections that bind me to the Earth and to people I love.

The final prints in this series are produced on paper that is 31” x 31”. The edition for each image is limited to 3 + 1 AP (variant) for a total edition of 4.

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