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Self Without Interpretation (2019-2022 )

My ongoing fascination with unseen rhythms of the human body and our interdependence with the natural world are forces that reside at the core of my life and work.  Self Without Interpretation explores this relationship.

Data derived from brain activity of project participants is used as source material. Using a medical grade EEG device, I recorded brain activity of 80 participants, asking each person to silently engage in a 6-minute session that includes questions that focusing on love and loss.

I printed sawtooth waves of the brain onto medical gauze and released the printed data into the natural environment, specifically the stated place of sanctuary of each participant. I photographed the movement of the gauze through currents of air or water, wrapping, suspending and submerging the fabric within the environment.

As the printed medical gauze became frayed and torn, it reminded me of the invisible threads that bind human beings to Earth. It is my hope that this work will offer viewers valuable, visual acknowledgment of the fragile and important connection to our planet that is needed for our common survival.

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