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While I Am Still (2009-2014)

I embrace science and technology with art and nature by pushing their boundaries in content and execution. My long-term project entitled “While I Am Still” combines the visual languages of art and science to create dreamscapes of the invisible body. I choose elements that originate as medical imagery, selected for both their visual and scientific value, and revisit them with alternate imaging cameras.  The resulting works reveal information attained from the human bodies that is not visible without the aid of cutting edge technology.

By weaving together images of the human body with images of the natural environment (and in some cases, fabric) ethereal figures are revealed and concealed in a raw and vulnerable state. “While I Am Still” engages the audience in difficult subject matter, inviting the viewer to explore a disquieting escape of the mind amidst challenging times in one’s life. This state of being could refer to the physical body’s subjugation of testing inside a diagnostic imaging machine, or in a less literal sense, it could reflect physical or emotional turmoil. The mind, wrestling with sadness, fear, and hope, retreats to a safe refuge. Through these photographs, the artist hopes to bring insight and awareness to the struggles and the resulting withdrawal of the inner mind.

These images are captured with a digital camera. Each image is printed as an archival pigment print using an Epson large format 9880 printer. Each photograph is signed by the artist en verso.
Limited edition of 5 (+2 artist proofs).

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