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2020, “EARTHBORN: 30 SECONDS TO 40 MOONS”: Traveling Exhibition by Alterwitz and Stone. Exhibition at Missoula Museum of Art, Missoula, MT, Spring 2020 | Springs Preserve, Las Vegas, NV, Fall 2020

Brought together for the first time, this combined exhibition “EARTHBORN: 30 SECONDS TO 40 MOONS” offers viewers two separate bodies of work from two visual artists that investigate experiences that bind us to one another. Each artist, integrating science and art, explores how to make visible the elusive cycles of human existence by transforming the intensely personal in to the universal.  Above are installation views of the projects JUST BREATHE (left) and 40 MOONS (right). This traveling exhibition is currently booking out through 2022. To discuss scheduling this exhibition in your community contact BOOKINGS@EARTHBORNEXHIBIT.COM. See the TRAVELING EXHIBITION PROPOSAL here.


Alterwitz and Stone
Alterwitz and Stone in discussion, Greenough, Montana
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