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PROVIDENCE CENTER FOR PHOTOGRAPHIC ARTS, JURIED EXHIBITION, Providence, RI,  2017. Jurors Peter Miller and Laurie Klein chose “Untitled #11” from the series SIGNATURES OF HEAT for inclusion in this exhibition.  See the exhibition online at

Non-visible wavelength photography is magical, mysterious, dramatic, and challenging.

Images can appear dreamlike, mystical, and surreal — at once both familiar and foreign.

Masters of photography including Minor White and WeeGee found expression with the

expanded range of infrared spectrum. Simon Marsden used infrared to amplify his affinity

with the macabre and haunted. Rock bands including Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, Frank

Zappa, and U2 presented a new psychedelic vision with infrared images on their album

covers. More recently Richard Mosse’s photography captures the beauty and tragedy in

war and destruction. Infrared photography transports the viewer into the world of unseen

wavelengths of energy, beyond the visible.

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